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Dealing With Lawn Irrigation System Damage

Leave the Lawn Irrigation System Damage to a Lawn Irrigation Contractor

The reason you have a lawn irrigation system on your landscape is you know how important it is to have one. The moment you are dealing with issues on your lawn irrigation system, this is more than just having a problem with the system. Your plants will not the right amount of water it needs or none at all. To ensure that your lawn irrigation system is properly repaired, you have to hire a lawn irrigation contractor.

Common Issues

Just like anything else, wear and tear are normal for a lawn irrigation system. As long as the irrigation installation is done properly, you will not have to worry about these damages though. It is good to know what these damages are so you will be familiar with them. Here are the common lawn irrigation system issues:

Broken Sprinkler

The lawn irrigation contractor will advise you to check the sprinkler heads on a regular basis. If the sprinkler heads are broken, you are wasting tons of water and damaging your plants as well. These sprinkler heads should be repaired right away. You can either fix it yourself or hire the experts.


If water is sprayed everywhere, this is due to high water pressure. You have to check if the water pressure is the right one for the type of spray head you are using. If the water pressure too much, it will not only damage the sprinkler head, water is wasted as well. You can call a local irrigation contractor to fix the problem.

System Controller

If the system controller will determine how much water to release and how much pressure to use. If the controller is not working properly, it should be repaired right away. You do not want to have dying plants on your property because they do not have enough water.

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