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Clear Indications You Are Overwatering Your Plants

More Reasons to Have an Efficient Yard Sprinkler System

Water is essential for the health of your plants. But too much water can also be bad for your grasses, shrubs, and turfs. That is why you need to install the right yard sprinkler system for your landscape to ensure it is only the right amount of water that your plants get. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re overwatering your plants, there are signs you need to keep and mind. Read below to know more about it.

Root Rot

The primary source of water in your plants is its roots. Although they need water, roots also need sufficient air to breathe. And overwatering can drown your plants. There would be no enough air pockets in your roots if it’s constantly flooded with water or just wet at all times. If left that way, this could mean your plant will have limited access to oxygen and will eventually die.

Stunted Slow Growth

Another sign that you’re overwatering your plants is stunted slow growth. This could sometimes be accompanied by falling and yellowing leaves. If you notice that new leaves are falling or the other leaves are yellowing, it could be that you really are overwatering. This could be prevented if you will install a high-quality yard sprinkler system.

Brown Leaves

Have your plant leaves start to turn brown and wilt? It is another indication that it has been overwatered. While plant leaves that are poorly watered turn crispy and dry, those that have been overwatered can turn soft and limp. If this is the case in your landscape, you might have incorrect or poor watering habits. It might be time to consider getting a professional irrigation service to ensure your plants get the right amount of water it needs to thrive.

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